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What is AFearlessLife?

We exist to inspire life-changing acts of service!

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Our mission is to inspire courageous and life-changing acts of service. We find this identity in 2 Tim. 1:7, which calls on all of us to overcome fear in order to lead lives marked by power, love, and sound thinking.

Our vision is to provide you with opportunities to play an active role in delivering solutions for the greatest challenges of our day. Our vision for FearlessFamilies is to eliminate the waiting list of adoption-eligible foster children in America and build a waiting list of adoption-ready families!


Fearless Families aims to find and fund a family for every adoption-eligible foster child in America. We provide our Fearless Families with funding to partner with placement agencies that will match them with a foster child (or foster children) in need of adoption. Learn more about becoming a Fearless Family here.
Our Board

Meet Our Fearless Board

Brooke Bennett


Thann Bennett


Dee Jackson


John Jessup


Sheryl Keller


Rebekah Negrete


Joshua Symonette


It takes families and donors to achieve Fearless Families.

We invite you to either become a Fearless Family or give to support a Fearless Family.

Every $7,500 donated results in a foster child being adopted into a forever home free of any adoption, agency, or licensing fees!

Our Partners

Fearless Partnerships

Our goal is to provide a placement partner for every family. We are so grateful for these partners, each of whom we trust to skillfully guide you through the process of adopting from foster care. If you want to adopt, but don’t see a placement partner that serves your region, let us know. We would love to help find a new partner that would be a good fit for you.

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